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Do business networking groups still work?

ABSOLUTELY! Especially now with the economy, it is an excellent time to be in a good referral group!

Ask the plumber in New Hampshire about increasing his business 500% because of a referral. Or the hotel marketing representative in Indiana that landed a $200K contract for the year because she was introduced to the right person by another member. Or the Chiropractor who tells that 60% of the business is made up of club referrals and the referrals of those referrals!

No matter how many connections you’ve made on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you’ll get better quality business referrals by networking face to face, and a good group or club will tend to be more effective because of the consistent interaction, if you do it right.

There is no doubt, what you give is what you’ll receive. If you haven’t received referrals from your group, consider what you’ve given. When was the last time you gave a “quality referral” to another member (that wasn’t for you, personally)? A quality referral is someone that is in the market for the other person’s product or service; is willing to talk with them since you’ve made the recommendation; and is actually expecting their call.

If you don’t get referrals from your group…or community, ask yourself: Do they know you, like you, and trust you? That takes some serious soul searching. If you come late to the meetings, dress inappropriately, miss appointments, pull the “no-show, gosh I forgot” card, it could be that your “trust” factor is in the toilet. People may know you and maybe not like you very much, but will still do business with you if they trust you. Lose the trust, lose credibility, lose business. You’ve heard it: “They don’t care what you know, until they know that you care!”

When joining any networking group or club, you’ve got to also have the right attitude. It is not all about you and getting referrals. Others will pick up on that. Your heart for other members should be, “How can I help you get more business?” When they know you care about them, they will repay you many times over with quality referrals.

Groups and clubs work and take work. The rewards can be fantastic! Need help finding a group? I can help, or help you start your own! Please follow this link: http://bit.ly/gsreferrals for more details and information.

Have an excellent week!




It’s for you! However, is it for me? 5 Smart Phone Etiquette Tips

Ever been to a business event, interview or even on an appointment and have the person you’re with grab their phone as it rings and say to you, “Hold on a minute…” as they take the call?

Sure you have. I have.

5 Smart Phone Etiquette Tips


1) Don’t do it! When in a meeting, business event, or on even an appointment, it’s easy! Turn your phone off or to silent. Don’t fool yourself! Even with the phone set to vibrate only, your phone will buzz you… beckon you… and probably whisper your name…and still make you want to take a “just quick peek” at who needs you.

2) Back away from the phone! I get it! You’ve just “got to be connected.” So take your phone out, and place it gently in your glove box, and go to your next meeting. I already hear you! “Goodness! What about my calendar?” Just in case of a follow-up appointment, lunch, or round of golf, take your phone with you…only after you put your phone on complete silent mode, and put it in your pocket or purse before leaving your vehicle.

3) What is the message you’re sending? When you pick up the phone during a meeting it discounts the person or people you’re with, telling them they are not that important. Think about how that makes you feel. Consider how it may make the other person feel if you are the one doing it to them!

4) Professional is as professional does! Professionals in any industry seem, well… to always be professional. Answering the phone during a meeting can, and does, alienate a potential client or prospect. It could result in a lost sale or worse, a lost relationship you hoped to build.

5) Emergencies happen! Of course they do. One method to handle an urgent call may be to say, “I apologize, this could be urgent and I’ve simply have to take it. Please excuse me.” Stand up, move away from the meeting – preferably out of earshot – speak quietly and make it short. Very short. Less than a minute.

Go forward my friends…and leave the phone alone.

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