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When is a business coach, not really a coach?

Answer: When you’re told to do something you already, deep in your heart, know you should do without being told to.

Well, I’m a coach of sorts. I can tell you how to get more business by referrals. I can explain how it all works. I can tell you story after story about how, through business networking, business people were able to get on track to bust old sales records. Not by a little, by a LOT!

In many case by thousands of dollars, right to their bottom line! Sometimes 10%, sometimes 30%, and yes, I’ve heard of even more huge increases  – in the 60-7-% range(!) – that would not have happened without working with a referral group and building those relationships.

Business people ask me all the time, “How can I get more business?”

The answer: Get out and meet more people that can be referral sources for you. More often than not, they’ll be in a referral group, just waiting to be introduced to you.

“Are referral groups the only way?”

The answer: Not at all! However, it is one of if not the fastest ways to get more business for your business right now.

So get out there!

The Networking Fool
Todd Davis
National Director & Co-Founder
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