Quit fooling around with your business networking!

About The Networking Fool

The Networking Fool is a provider of Business Networking Tips, Tactics, and Suggestions, simply geared

For business networking, ask the fool, the “Networking Fool!”

to get you more business.

Business Networking is an art. It is the process of meeting other businesses people with the intentional desire to develop relationships that could lead to:

  • Shared business: each business within the “network” have complimentary businesses that find they can close more business because of their relationship with other. For example, a Realtor and a Mortgage Lender, you need both to close the transaction.
  • Referral marketing: business owners that align themselves with a group of unlike businesses with the intentional purpose to be able to refer clients to each other for mutual gain. For example, the Realtor who refers a client to an insurance agent because they need coverage for their new property. The insurance agent could refer to a handy man, because the client has a need for a “honey-do” type of repair.
Fortunately the ideas, techniques, and strategies behind business networking and referral marketing can be learned.
The Networking Fool will attempt to tackle the issues of the day, and answer questions about building a successful business networking and referral marketing strategy for your business.
You are welcome to email me at askthefool@goldstarclubs.com

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