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Question: “I attend all my Club’s meetings and I’m getting a referral now and then. The problem is I’m rather introverted. What can I do?” Ms. Wallflower

The Fool: We all have personal natures that we have to “deal with” daily, in business. Not knowing what you do, let me give you a couple of hints to help.

  • Setup 121s with the members. Probably the most important way to get involved. Members are there to help get you more business, and you to help them back. (Give and Receive) Getting to know them will help. It will be a different experience walking into a room of strangers, or a room of friends. Make some new friends.
  • Become a greeter. Not necessarily by “assignment” or by “request” from the leaders, but by a choice. Stand at the door, shake hands, help welcome the members, and escort the visitors to the Table Host to get signed in.
  • Ask the Table Host if you can help. When the Table Host gets busy, volunteer to collect visitor cards and put them in the Visitor’s Book; offer to help with name tags; offer to put out the Referral Slips; ask where you can help.
  • Ask the Business Coach if you can help. Ask if you can help hand out the weekly Tip Sheets.
  • Come early, leave late. The goal here is to be seen in a positive way, by helping the Club, building relationships further because you’re there and have the time to visit other early birds. Be early and welcome others. Hang around after the meeting; help collect slips; pick up trash; collect Club materials; etc.
  • Wish everyone a successful week. Shake hands with those leaving. Thank the visitors for attending, possibly invite them back or encourage them to return the following week. “Hey Bill, it was good to meet you! Hope to see you next week!”
  • Answer questions. Be the person to ask! When you make yourself available, by default, you will be in a position to be asked questions. Even if you don’t know the answer, you can guide them to who could. “Sally, great question! John, our Director (or Club Leader), could probably answer that, with more detail. Come with me, he’s right over there!” Escort them to the appropriate person. It’s important to get their questions answer right now, than having to wait for a phone call.

I hope that helps. Extroverts, don’t get left out! You can help your Club, too.

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